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Review for new Voltron Force episode “Crossed Signals”

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I don’t think I’m gonna take too long with this review.  Something that I did different was to watch the episode while I was connected to Twitter.  I knew I was going to make an appearance and I wanted it to be special.  Well, many Voltron fans thought it was a special episode.

This installment brings us to a ship graveyard where the Voltron Force sets an investigation inside an old ship. The ones that enter the ship are Allura and Keith. The ship holds some vital information about Keith’s past.  During the episode it is revealed that Keith’s ancestors come from Arus not from Earth as we always believed.  There were other things that were revealed, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention…really.  I wasn’t that interested.  As you all know…Keith is not my favorite person right now (who am I kidding, he’s never been my favorite person EVER!).

What I liked about this episode:  My super-armor!!!  It was BAAADAAAAASSSSSS!!! The very, very, very brief moments where I make an appearance are worth tolerating the presence of those hated goody-two-shoes Voltron Force.  It was nice seeing Cossack again….even if he doesn’t resemble remotely the way he did in the older days.  Oh…and please….could you please take off that damned choir music????  Put me some AC/DC or Black Sabbath as background music for crying out loud!!!  Don’t you guys see that I resemble a rock star????  Fuck!!!

What I didn’t like:  Losing again.  It’s not a good thing being me in this series, honest. WEP  is on to me!!!  If they wouldn’t portray me well, they should have left me dead or made me a cosmic essence like Haggar.  The “lotorium” doesn’t sound so bad… (Really!!)  The telepathic shit between Vince and Daniel annoys me.  I knew since the previous episode that I would hate that.

Ok, I know that Voltron fans (most K/A’ers) are squeaking in what they consider a Keith/Allura moment….HA!  A romantic moment is what I saw in TCats when Cheetara confessed her love to Tygra and they ended up smooching in the moonlight.  Now that’s a romantic moment!!  Allura just held Keith’s hand.  WTF was that to squeak about???  NOTHING HAPPENED!!!  No smooch, no love confessions…nothing.  It’s pathetic how people can conform themselves by receiving crumbs and then celebrate about it… By the gods! Just pa-the-tic! *facepalm*

Well, there weren’t much comments on my Facebook page about the episode.  I guess I have too many Lotor/Allura fans and they weren’t too thrilled about his episode either.

My dear friend Ron Riding had a comment about it that I will reproduce here:   “I think Vince is a closet masturbator. xD
Fuck the Voltron Force with a gay dildo. ^_~”

This comment made my day early in the morning!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

These are the most comments that were made on my page.  Enjoy:

Until next episode!


Review for Voltron Force’s new episode: “I, Voltron”

Posted in Uncategorized on March 23, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Last night when I was about to start watching the new episode “I, Voltron”, I received a phone call so it was kinda difficult for me to make an opinion of what I was seeing cause I hardly paid attention to it.  So I just finished watching the episode again in NickToons website and I’m ready to put my insights of what I’ve just seen.

The episode begins with Coran in front of some galactic court room accusing Wade of all the crimes he had committed against Voltron and the galaxy alliance.  But if we thought that was going to be the end of Wade we were so wrong…he ended up escaping with the help of the now spider robeast Commander Kala.  How did they meet and end up together? I’m trying to recall an explanation for that. But I think that that story still remains to be seen.

Well, but the reason of that most peculiar title for this episode resides with the cadets.  For some reason, Voltron is well assembled in some kind of hangar and Super Vince is making some brain artifact that is still not finished when Super insubordinate Daniel puts it on while it’s connected to Voltron.  The thing is that Daniel’s brain ends up connected with Voltron’s robot body.

The biggest issue in this episode becomes Daniel’s disobedience to every order given to him because he becomes euphoric behaving like the Defender of the Universe while his body is dying and his brain can stay permanently connected to the robot.  That’s why he ends up jeopardizing his own security when Wade/Cmdr. Kala trap him in a web of haggarium almost fusing with Voltron and keeping the Defender of the Universe for good.

What I liked:  the plot of this episode is well paced, entertaining, it makes you wonder what would you do if you had Voltron’s powers. I liked that they brought back Commander Kala from the void she was in. But most of all,  I loved….but absolutely loved seeing “Awesometron” being destroyed.  It was the most thrilling and exciting part I enjoyed in the whole episode.  I loathed that robot soooo much and specially it’s cheesy name.  Geesh!!!  Thumbs up for that part!  I hope that’s the last we ever see from “Garbagetron”…ever again!

What I didn’t like:  Daniel’s insubordinate ass is just too annoying.  He’s a trouble maker. Also, Vince’s super powers doing the worst confrontation against the bad guys while the other more experimented pilots just took a secondary role by helping him free Voltron from the spider’s clutches.  The cadets are taking over the whole plot as the main characters… definitely.  And what makes it worst is that now Vince and Daniel are telepathic….yeah, you read it right…telepathic.  Being a robot-bending freak was not enough so we have to stand him and Daniel’s  mind-bending bond too.  *Facepalm*

Oh and of course….another thing I didn’t like:  I was not in the episode…again.  This is becoming a trend anyway.   >.< *extremely frustrated*

I don’t remember who was the person that suggested this title for the show: “The super cadets show”.   I know now what that person meant when he/she renamed it.   It’s so appropriate…definitely.   So…there you have it.  What I liked and disliked so far.

Here are the comments made on my Facebook page once the episode was aired.  Read and enjoy!

Until next week!

Review for “Dradin, Baby, Dradin” Voltron Force’s new episode

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Sorry for the delay on the posting of this review.  I had urgent businesses to attend to.  That’s the price of being a king, hehehe.  Well, on to the review of WEP’s new installment which was aired last Wednesday night at 8 PM on NickToons.

The episode started showing a video made by Vince where Voltron the robot is shown in all of it’s glory….I mean, showing all of  it’s heads….no wait,  I wrote it wrong….Voltron was shown showing all the changes and powers that he is now capable of.  (Better… :P)  He shows the video around but it’s received with a cold reception by the other teammates.

Well the thing is that one of the new characters, Manset contacts the Voltron Force and invites them to some Vegas-like planet where they’re gonna have some ‘vacation’.   Of course, the viewers already know that something bad is gonna happen and the so much vacation will turn out to be another mission in disguise.  Supposedly the cadets are to stay in Arus, but the teenage meddlers incur in insubordination (again???) and of course, they aboard what they call “Awesometron” and end up in the same aforementioned Vegas planet.

Very nice of the producers to air a cameo appearance of a little girl who is a Voltron fan.  That was very sensible and nice.  (I wouldn’t have done it; cause I don’t do nice, hehehe) Well, to make a long story short…the cadets get into trouble by letting some guy get the Black Lion, and they get out of trouble when Keith assumes that they left Arus when the Black Lion disappeared.  Damn lucky cadets!!!

There was an appearance of some drule mafia guys with strange earthling (specifically NY and… was that some Godfather shit?) accents; they weren’t associated with me, but that has an explanation.  The Doom Empire is still weak so many drules are still fighting for their own turfs and making a way of living in the crime business.  That is completely understandable, but hey, if the humans can do it, so can they!!  I do like the consistency of the story plot that the writers are following; even if I don’t like much the story.  I acknowledge their effort.

What I didn’t like:  Black Lion didn’t get any respect;  I think it was ridiculed, they wanted to make it funny….but honestly, I didn’t even grin.  The cadets got away with their disobedience.  (A big no-no for children) Of course, too much good guy action…which makes me cringe and yawn in annoyance.  But I can understand why is that imbalance between the good and bad guys.  One reason is too many characters,  other reason is time allotment and another reason is the show’s demographic.  The outcome of these element’s  combination result in a lot of mixed reviews between old and new fans of the show.

Its a shame that most fans of the new series refuse to address the show’s flaws and always tend to be defensive toward honest reviews.  But it’s more shameless how some not-so-fans of the series get disrespectful often getting personal in their attacks to the writers and producers of the show.  I do consider that completely unnecessary.  Damn it!  If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch it…you don’t have to be so nasty and creepy about it!

Leave the nastiness and creepiness to me!! (And even I wouldn’t disrespect WEP cause….as you know….they own me…even if they bash me a lot).

I try to be as honest and open minded as I can toward each episode of the new series.  That’s why I will address what I like and dislike, no pun intended.  I’m grateful to share it here on my blog and not on where if I dare to post what I think, I may end up eating crap inside my own dungeons.  In my blog it is allowed to disagree with me as long as you leave the nastiness to me…hehehe.

Read the comments made on my Facebook page just after the airing of the show.  Enjoy!

See ya next week!

Review for new ‘Voltron Force’ episode “Five Forged”

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I’m gonna be completely honest here in this review.  Well, I’m always honest in my reviews…what I meant is that I’m gonna be just straight flat blunt about what I’m gonna criticize now.  After last week’s funny episode, I was looking forward to this week’s new installment.  The title didn’t promise much from my point of view…”Five Forged”, I imagined it would have something to do with the five lions.

The episode deepens a little bit more inside of Voltron’s origins.  Most of the action takes place in planet Ariel. The Voltron Force plus their cadets have to travel there after Black Lion gets infected with haggarium and leads the other lions to that planet. They go to this temple where some ghostly lions appear and make them go through some trials that seemed taken out of the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” movie.  Well, all except for the “Tron” part where they get electric shocks from some running lights.  All these trials end up leading them to what seem to be the origin of Voltron’s creation in the above mentioned planet Ariel.

Well, that’s a huge difference from the last story arc where Voltron was an exclusive creation of Arus’ own King Alfor.  I did notice that Allura and Pidge mentioned something about the “first Voltron” so it seems to me there is another story untold here.  Why would Dudley have an old version of Voltron if there wasn’t another story arc?  This new episode raised a lot more questions than it actually answered.

So the new Voltron is a joint creation of five planets including Earth (which is supposed to add the humanity element).  Hmmmm….doesn’t Arus have enough humanity???  Or do arusians have their origins on Earth too??

There were more boring than amusing moments in this episode.  I guess everything that has to do with history gets a little tedious.  Even this review is turning into a yawning moment!! >.<

BTW, why the hell does Keith keep losing his lion??  It’s becoming a trend like my dying and reviving thing.  Beware!  That can get real old fast!

I found silly that Allura didn’t know how to read some ancient scriptures on a wall and had to recur to Larmina to help her interpret them.  The same way that I found silly that Pidge had resolved a way to get out of the electric shocks trial just to faint making Lance ask Daniel (the most incompetent one) to get them out of that situation.  That’s one of those ‘WTF’ moments that justify the damned presence of those cadets.

But of course, I left the worst ‘WTF’ cadet moment for last.  And the honor belongs to….Voltron’s own super Robot-bender Vince!!!  Tadaaaaa!

Vince was left outside of the temple from the trials by one of the ghostly lions who growled that he was not ready.  When the Voltron Force along with the other two cadets were the damsels in distress suddenly Super Vince sees them with his ultra spectacular visions and runs through all the dangerous tasks that were previously surpassed by the other team-members.  Like a bat out of hell, Super Vince arrives to the place where the others are trapped and saves the day!  *hearing the Superman theme while I roll my eyes*

Sorry!  Nothing… but nothing will make me like those cadets… Are the original Voltron Force pilots so inept and insecure that need rescuing from inexperienced kids????  I’m not buying it!

Something I didn’t like about this episode…( and yet another thing? LOL)  I was NOT in it!!! Give me more air time and I might enjoy this better! Hahahahaha!!


Read the comments that were made by other Facebook fans on my page just after the episode aired last night.  Click on the next link and enjoy!!

See ya next week!

Review for “Gary” New ‘Voltron Force’ episode

Posted in Uncategorized on March 1, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

All in all, I did enjoy the episode even though I knew how it would end (the good guys winning).  The beginning of the episode where I’m talking with Maahox and Gary is presented to me was the best part of the episode.  Well, every part of “Voltron Force” where I make an illustrious appearance are always the best parts of Voltron, hehehe.  Yeah, I know…I know.  It’s not like I have a deep story plot like I used to have in the old series.  Sometimes I wish that I could stop being just another plain bad guy with awesome white hair.  I want to have a story plot again!!!  *sigh*  But who the hell was Gary?

Gary was a cushion shaped creature with teeth as pointy as a shark’s.  Kinda cute and funny but with a devious custom of destroying things.  Gary was a reminiscence of the gremlins.  Actually it was quite a good idea of how to destroy your enemy from the inside.  The Castle of Lions was almost destroyed.  So that part was good; it’s a shame that it didn’t win in the end.  But again…the good guys are supposed to win.  Bah!!!

The downside as always:  the cadets!  Damn them.  They are unnecessary.  To justify their presence, when the Voltron Force was in plain battle; suddenly Pidge, Hunk and the princess abandoned the fight to look for the space mice or some device and the cadets took over those three lions….  How stupid was that???  That would’ve never happen in the old series; not even in real life something so stupid could happen.  They just wanted to give some importance to those meddling kids!  Kill them off or send them back to wherever dimension they crawled out from, dammit. The space mice would make their own devices…they were smart enough.  The way it was written was completely idiot…

The laughing moment:  when Gary kissed Voltron in plain battle.  Very funny and that has never happened before.  I mean, long gone are the days where robeasts were ugly and deformed; now robeasts are cushion shaped and cuddly.  All they need now is to glow like a lantern and Voltron could have it’s own pillow pet and it’s off to bed…off to bed.
Another part I enjoyed a lot was when Lance was hit by a door.  Even though I wish for his demise the door did a great job in beating the hell out of him, hehehe.

The most hateful moment:  the subtle Keith outburst of wanting to do whatever Allura wanted. Was that supposed to be romantic?? Ha!!  I almost puked!!!

Well, so more for the kiddie show.  I know kids will enjoy ‘Voltron Force’;  but me, I would change the whole outcome of the episode and the whole plot.  Thank goodness for fanfics!

Below is the link that includes the comments made on my Facebook page just minutes after NickToons aired the new episode from “Voltron Force” last night.  Read them and enjoy!

Until next week! ^^

Leap Year Day!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 1, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Today is February 29, 2012.  At least still where I am.  This day will not repeat in four years from now.  Also today, will be the airing of a new episode of “Voltron Force” in NickToons at 8:00 PM.  Will it be good?  Well, it is for small kids…so I guess they will enjoy it very much.  Me?  Well…I will watch it with an open mind and a glass of blood wine.

I hope that at least I get inspired to start writing again on my fanfics.  I have to reread and get those juices of imagination to start flowing again.   Soooo next post will be a review of tonight’s “Voltron Force” episode.  Expect for it later!

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