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Oooops! Happy Belated New Year, hahahahaha

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I can’t believe that this is my first post of 2012. Dammit! I’ve been active on Facebook mostly. For some reason, I can’t get in my Twitter account (that really sucks!).
Even though I announced that I would be taking a break from roleplaying; I haven’t. But I’m well known for being a liar…so I lied, sue me!!
I’ve been roleplaying in Facebook; I haven’t been reading or writing mostly because life has been happening and I’ve been having a blast kicking some zeroes all over the place just for the fun of it.
The break from watching new episodes from “Voltron Force” has been good. I have to admit that I haven’t missed it.

But I can’t say the same thing about “Thundercats”. These withdrawal symptoms from T-Cats have been overwhelming. I’ve hated each and every Friday that has gone by without watching a new episode. What a freaking bad luck! But I’m looking forward to March…just one month to go!

About my writing….yeah, well…I’m still not inspired. Sue me! I haven’t even visited I’m just not that interested…what the hell. All I wanna do is go around Facebook with my dragon friend and find someone to fight with.

MummRa is raping even the good guys and I’m having a blast every time I find out about it! Hahahahahaha!! Now that’s the spirit! MummRa is the kind of bad guy that’s inspiring and faithful to the true evil. I can’t stand to be just a haggarium junkie with a “lazarus complex”…dammit! Bring me back my Go-Lion!

Until next post…keep the evil alive!! Hahahahahaha

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