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((OOC)) Mourning

Posted in Uncategorized on December 21, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Forgive me for being so silent these days. Many of you may know that my father passed away last Friday. I do feel at peace because I had a heart to heart with him weeks before his death.There was nothing left unsaid. If there was something good about my father, was that he knew how to forgive and forget. I may be one of those privileged sons that may have heard those words from parents that we all want to hear: “I’m proud of you”. Yeah…that’s like music to my ears. I guess that every child in the world wants to hear that phrase from their parents..

Even if the world ends in one year from now (and I really don’t believe it) I would die happy. I had a good family, maybe not rich or perfect, but a good family. I love my siblings and my mother very much. I adore my nephews and nieces like they were my own children. And that’s what matters: love, pure and simple. Love covers every fault.

I will miss my dad, I already do. Christmas may never be the same without him, but whenever I remember how much he suffered from his illness: the pain, the dialysis, his depressions…I’m glad that he’s not here anymore. He’s at peace, no more sickness, pain or suffering and I know that he is happy where he is. I still have lots of pictures, memories and lots of stories about him. He will live as long as we love him. Love never dies….

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