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Roleplaying on FB hiatus

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Well, after some serious consideration…I’m taking a break from roleplaying in Facebook. For the rest of the year I wish to take time off so I can read, review and complete my fanfic stories. If I don’t take the time off….I know I won’t be able to finish them…at least in a thousand years. I have stalled “The King’s Diary”, “A matter of choice” & “Hot Cases” for too long now. I need to finish those…it’s about time!

Roleplaying is too time consuming and it distracts me too much. Reading and writing will help me keep my mind busy…it will also help me develop more writing skills, researching, vocabulary….I guess I will improve plus I will finish what I started. I don’t want to leave everything incomplete. Plus…there are sooo many fanfics that I want to read…Voltron & Thundercats. I could maybe even start writing other stories besides Voltron-themed. Who knows? I like one-shots so maybe I’ll get more ideas, hehehe.

I will keep in touch through my blogs, my stories and reviews. So, I’m not leaving the fandom….I’m just trying to organize myself and focus on creating. I really need it. I will also keep reviewing “Voltron Force” and “Thundercats”. So, I will still be there! Fanfics…here I come!


New episode of “Voltron Force” tonight…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Ok…so tonight starts airing a new episode of “Voltron Force” after a couple of months of hiatus. I actually saw footage of what we’re going to see in the next weeks. Honest, I have my reservations about them. I saw myself transforming into some kind of a robeast and preparing to fight Voltron by myself. I’m actually not liking the idea. It seems that I’m following the footsteps of my father. I planned that fate for my father for one reason: if he would’ve failed at least Voltron would kill him and I would rid myself from my father’s annoying rantings.

But now I fear that my fate resembles my father’s demise. I don’t like it, not one bit. But if things come to get worse and I am finally disposed of in the new series, well…I guess that I will have to move on to be the best Thundercats fan ever! Hahahahahaha!!!

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