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Voltron Fanfics….a sight for sore eyes

Posted in Uncategorized on October 2, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Coming back and forth from different Voltron and Thundercats fanfics pages has been a favorite past time of mine for many years now. And I remember that like 9 years ago in the Voltron fanfic threads, almost every story featured the Keith/Allura pairing. It was almost a must for every story posted in the most common fanfics pages.

I swear that if an author dared to write another pairing like the Lotor/Allura or Keith/Lance one’s nine years ago, that would’ve been an unforgivable sin. Other readers, including fellow authors would’ve flamed that story sooo badly that that author would’ve felt frustrated and thrown the towel as fast as they could. This is an example of what I’m saying:

The story featured on the address link above is called Devoted Obsession. It was written in 2002 by my favorite Lotor/Allura author Michelle Siedlecki. It’s a very dark story where Keith is evil. If you read the reviews made to that story; you can clearly see how obsessed and unaccepting some Voltron fans could become when a fanfic that wasn’t of their liking was posted.

From detailed descriptions of Lotor’s character to not being their “cup of tea”…the bad reviews or flames of that story were simply pathetic, ridiculous and even laughable. What were their purpose on flaming the story? Probably trying to impose their point of view and maybe frustrate the author so that stories that feature the bad guy keeping the good girl would never be posted again.

But did that happen? I’m happy to answer: no. On the contrary…more stories have been pouring for the delight of those of us who like variety and enjoy how the liberty of expression is being displayed.

And now more stories with varieties have been pouring out; we now have more Lance/Allura and Keith/Lance pairing stories. In part it’s all because of the new series which leaves the door open for many possibilities. So that’s good, people must accept that there is not only black and white…there are grays, blues, greens…so many colors to appreciate. I just hope that more authors appear with more daring inspirations.

I wish there were more different stories. That’s why I started my own crossover compilation stories called “Hot Cases”. That compilation will be an exclusive for this wordpress blog. So let’s celebrate variety by reading, writing and letting our imagination go…

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