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Voltron Forum on suck my d*@#!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I’m not talking about all of the fandoms, I’m talking about the Voltron Forum in…where there are some Voltron fans that lurk and that could easily make it on my shit list faster than the 33 seconds that it takes the damn robot to form!

They seem to be shielded in their own little world where everything is perfect and there are no other opinions but theirs. They just don’t accept that the new series can be improved…to them: everything is perfect. The Voltron Force series is going to win the next Emmy’s for best cartoon of the century.

Dammit! Are they expecting to get some monetary reward or some academy award for agreeing with everything that WEP throws at them? Come on!! They’re reacting like WEP employees wanna-bes!! Give me a break. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with something. Everything is allowed if it’s done with respect and without prejudice.

What really pisses me off is that when you tell them something without insulting or anything, they’re assuming that I’m being disrespectful. If I was being disrespectful I would’ve included the words: assholes, freaks, morons, idiots and fuckin’ turds!

I’ve never seen so many hypocrites together in a fandom before. It’s pathetic…

First, you have the know-it-all’s: that’s the typical geeky guy with no social skills at all who just bones himself out of being a nuisance to the other fans.
Second, you can meet the “groupies”: the brainless fans that are only after the gossip and the soap opera details so they can fantasize about having sex with animated cartoon characters.
Third, you have the “grumpies”: the ones who claim to be the hardcore fans and think that their opinions are the only ones that matter.
Fourth, you have the “jerks”: these are the ones who try to be funny…but they simply are NOT.
Fifth, you have the “illuminati”: these are the one’s who live in secrecy, posting about themes that nobody else cares for.
Sixth, you have the “crap keepers”: those won’t take no shit from nobody else, only from themselves. So you better don’t post anything that they don’t like or else they gonna make you eat their shit!
Seventh, those are the “aloofs”: cause they just don’t give a fuck about anything.

You can also find them with combo traits like these, jerking off out of making other fans lives miserables. They’re all freaks! I’m taking a break from the Voltron fandom. That makes me an “Aloof” cause I just don’t give a FUCK!!!


What do you hate about Voltron Force?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

A fan nicknamed “Let’s Voltron” posted a thread called “What do you hate about Voltron Force?” in the Official Voltron Forum. I let all my animated cartoon feelings flow on that one. This is what I posted:

“Thanks for starting this thread Let’s Voltron. Because I don’t want to troll; I just want to express my concerns regarding the show. I’m really worried that the show is just written to favor very few people. And it’s good that we can just be honest of what we think WEP should improve about the series.

I have to admit that I still watch the show. I haven’t missed a single episode yet and I don’t intend to. But I have mixed feelings about it. There are more things that I dislike about the show than things that I like about it.

I really hate that continuity plot! It really sucks… If they weren’t gonna make a sequel to the DOTU storyline, they should’ve done a complete reboot.

I have to agree that I really hate what they’ve done with Lotor and the doomites. They have become a joke. I don’t even know why Lotor appears in the show’s initial credits cause he has hardly appeared in the series. They should’ve put Wade or Maahox instead…

Voltron had a lot of characters in the old series to begin with, why the hell did they have to bring more “good guys” into the picture?

Some people from the fandom have expressed that the series is focusing too much in the robot and not in the characters. I’m one of those who believe that the characters are more interesting than the robot. Voltron doesn’t have a social life like the characters have. So to me, the characters make the show…not the robot. He’s boring!

The fact that there are too many “good guys” now has created the problem that there is hardly any time to develop each character properly. And being a kid’s show is no excuse for the slacking in the plot lines. I’m tired of hearing that excuse.

“Avatar: the last Airbender” is a proper example of how a cartoon can become timeless for the targeted audience of kids 7+. (the same target demographic of Voltron Force)

I’m tired of Vince saving the day…I hate that character. I’m sooo killing him off in my fanfic!!! I believe that Larmina should’ve been Allura’s cousin not her niece. That’s why I don’t like the continuity plot. They should’ve done the whole reboot thing. (now I sound like a tape recorder 😛 LOL)

Thundercats is doing wonderfully with their rebooted cartoon…and it’s getting better with each episode. I just wish I could say the same thing about Voltron Force. But I have to be honest…I don’t think Voltron Force is better than the new Thundercats. But I do think that it could be as good or better, if the story line has more balance between the good guys and the bad guys.

Voltron Force has a lot of potential to be an awesome show…but it’s not there yet.

As I previously said…I plan to continue watching the show; in true hopes that it improves.”

That’s what I posted in the Official Voltron Forum for all WEP to read.

There are so many things that I still wanted to say. I wanted to keep telling them how much I hate being on the backseat of the show, also: the dinner plates shooting of Coran, the cadets always saving the day, Wade’s backstory, the pulling back of the Predator Robeast, the constant dependance of haggarium, the disappearance of Cmdr. Kala (why the hell did they create her for???), Voltron being able to form without the five lions…

There is always something in each episode that makes my eyes roll. But I keep watching, but honest…I don’t expect much of the series now. It’s just too screwed up.

Not funny at all!! *Beware – serious ranting*

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I’m loosing interest in Voltron so fast that it ain’t funny…

Everytime I watch a new episode, I just get more and more disappointed. I try to like it, really…I do. But the portrayal of my character is not helping…at all. They’re making me sooo stupid that they leave me speechless. Sometimes people ask me questions like “why did you call back the Predator Robeast just before your sure victory against Voltron” or “why do you bathe constantly with haggarium”; I just don’t know what to answer. Those are some of the things that I know that I would’ve never done. I’m sorry but I’m not even stupid enough to make up an answer for those questions.

I would’ve never called back a robeast when the victory is at hand. Come on, I tried to destroy Voltron with a saw: literally cutting him in pieces one day… and then, owhen the perfect robeast is about to destroy Voltron, out of the blue I’m gonna just call it back???? That makes no fucking sense!!

I mean, this is the robot that has killed me twice!! I wouldn’t have given too much thought about letting the damned Voltron die when I had the chance of achieving it’s demise.

If I’m supposed to give the answer that evil guys are stupid…I’m not being honest at all. There are lots of evil people out there with high IQ’s. It’s a real shame that I wasn’t portrayed as a more challenging and smart villain. They let Maahox have the brains. But in the old series, I was the brains behind the attacks….it was always my plans that were unfolding against Voltron; Haggar just provided the robeasts. How much I miss those days…! I guess they’re not coming back…

What’s worse is that my interest is fading away sooo fast…I’m not even interested in writing Voltron fanfic anymore. And that’s not funny at all!!!

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