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About the new Thundercats…even if this is a Voltron fan page!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Last night I went to my haggarium spa. I made Maahox leave all my snacks and all the haggarium wine I could manage to drink. I kept my computer online to the crossover universe of Thundercatsfan group page on Facebook. With my flat screen tuned in Cartoon Network, I watched the one hour premier of “Thundercats”.

I couldn’t spend this morning without sharing what a pleasant evening I had. While the premier was playing I was online commenting with a very hard core group of fans. There was Angie (Purrsia) and other new friends that made watching the premier an unforgettable one. I felt like I was in some group conference sharing our impressions and even a little spoilers. I was happy that I made new friends for my FB page. It was an awesome experience. I hope to repeat something like that soon…

Now about the series…what could I say?? I was speechless. The Thundercats reboot surpasses all my expectations for lightyears. I could clearly see how carefully the story was treated.

I will always treasure Leonard Starr’s work in the first series, but I have to admit, that there were a lot of inconsistencies in the original plot. For example: Why was Jaga named Lord of the Thundercats when Claudus was king? Why did LionO inherit the title…shouldn’t Jaga have his own heir? Why did LionO age in the time capsule while the thunderkittens didn’t? One of the most terrible plots of the original Thundercats story was that Jaga was responsible for Thundera’s destruction and after the planet got destroyed, the whole planet just came back together…. That was horribly treated!!!

I loved that there was no Planet Thundera…just a kingdom in Third Earth named like that. The cats had a prosperous kingdom while the other mutants were cast out. I loved how carefully the characters were developed. Claudus was king AND Lord of the Thundercats (as it should’ve been). Jaga was the kingdom’s sorcerer and leader of the clerics (Kudos for that development) Tygra is Lion-O’s big brother (this still has to be further explained) but I sure loved the competition and tension between those two. Now Cheetara is adding to the equation, because Tygra was flirting with her, but there seems to be some attraction between Lion O and Cheetara. So I’m hoping there’s gonna be some deeper rivalry there. If I recall, in the comics Cheetara ends up with Tygra…so I see some elements of that plot that could be very, very interesting.

I’m really looking forward to some intriguing drama in this. To hell with the target demographics! We just want a consistent and logical story that will make us enjoy the time we spend watching a TV program. That’s why I love anime so much. The plots are as good as the animation. I can honestly see the effort that the Thundercat’s writers are doing with these new series. (Voltron writers, please take notes!!) Now this is how a reboot should be written.

I would’ve wanted a reboot with Voltron, but no… they wanted some based of the series story with huge plot holes worst than the old gaps that made the old series totally inconsistent. For example: the mere existence of Larmina….WTF?? When you write a TV series, you should answer questions…not make bigger ones!

Overall…I can’t wait until next Friday’s new Thundercats episode. That hour last night went so fast, I hardly felt it. I loved the animation, it reminded me of “Avatar, the last Airbender”. It also reminded me of how carefully the story was worked, the animation, each character, good or bad…even the mutants were developed carefully. I could recall the part where LionO helps a mutant to get free and then the mutant ends up helping LionO escape from the prison at the end. MummRa was the hellish villain that stabbed Claudus. Now that is a real bad guy. That was sooo awesome!

The new Thundercats series is a two sided story….and I’m absolutely crazy about it. I’m completely sold!

Last night after the airing of the show, Maahox looked at me with his incredulous scientific eye and told me that I was behaving like a traitor to my Voltron TV series. Well I stood up and just poked his creepy eye saying:

“Well those writers should’ve respected my status as King of Doom: keeping me good looking, giving me more air time and stop ridiculizing me!!!”


The return of Cossack the Terrible

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Tonight’s episode of Voltron Force was titled “Dark Blue”. I knew that it would feature Princess Allura and that darned cadet Vince. That was what the NickToons preview was announcing since last week.

But my most likable scenes in that episode weren’t about Vince saving the day or prooving to himself anything, no siree… First, it was a long awaited appearance of yours truly enjoying a haggarium spa time. The interchange with Maahox was quite entertaining and amusing. It confirms how Maahox despises me and how full of myself I still am. But I still don’t understand why I have to keep indulging in more haggarium. If the haggarium is running through my system, why do I have to keep taking it?

Does it wear off? Does that mean that I will die again if I don’t have a certain dose of haggarium daily? It doesn’t make any sense. The haggarium is supposed to be Haggar’s essence and never once did I ever see Witch Haggar recharging her own powers. So I think that that issue is completely illogical. Plus I thought that Vince did take all the haggarium that was left. Now there’s a whole tub filled with the stuff? O_o Anyway, there can’t be a shortage of haggarium when the stuff is almost everywhere in the galaxy, can it?

The haggarium is all lose in the Hunkyard, Planet Ariel, Planet Poseidas and in a quasar. How come Pidge never got a sample before Vince brought Maahox’s vile from Doom?

But tonight’s episode also revealed that Cossack is still commander of Doom’s armed forces. Oh man, and just how much does he look like Yurak now. He still has his white hair though, even if it’s not covering all of his head. I did miss his horned helmet with the Mumm-Ra symbol on it. Hey, but if I got a makeover, it is just fair that he had to get one too!

Anyway, it was so good to see someone else from the old series. The new character’s are way too overwhelming. I feel like they’re being shoveled through my throat, specially those cadets.

Just one thing that I still have to find out…what exactly happened to my father and Haggar. How much I still miss those two… Voltron is not the same without them…

Where are the doomites and I heading??

Posted in Uncategorized on July 23, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

After watching these last new episodes of the new series many people have made their comments about Doom and specially about me. This comment from a Voltron fan really made me think:

I am sorry if I am posting a duplicate thread regarding Lotor but I had to bring this up. I love the new series but as I said previously I take issue with the amount of focus that is on the cadets and I also take issue with how Keith is being portrayed. Thirdly, Lotor has been turned into a pathetic joke. I don’t understand the need to destroy his character, TWICE!

Lotor is evil, arrogant, strong, ruthless, and HOT! This Lotor is nothing but comic relief and if I may be so bold, an addict. I want to see the tension between he and Keith, but at this point Lotor is no match for him. I am just hoping this is resolved somewhere down the line. *praying* “

The post of this fan made me think: Is this how it will end for me? Am I just destined to be a comic relief until some other bad guy takes over?

You know, sometimes I think, (this is just my own personal impression) that I am doomed to disappear eventually. Probably Wade and/or Maahox will stay to be the main evil characters.

Why do I think that? Well, for once it would be too difficult to start with the conquering planets thing plus the reconstruction of an Empire specially when the Drule Empire was destroyed. (If the storyline from the VV Universe is still holding) I see the show deviating into a more internal conflict inside the Alliance where the enemies are coming from the Alliance itself: treason, personal ambition, persecution, rebellion.

Besides, if there’s a love rivalry between Lance and Keith for Allura’s affection, there’s no point on me being there.

We could recall that in the old series, Lance didn’t show much interest in Allura. So much of the plot focused on the Lotor-Allura-Keith love triangle. But now, I have become more of a cosmetic presence with no purpose at all.

I mean, I don’t even guard the haggarium, Maahox does… So Maahox’s character is becoming indispensable, he’s the genius behind it all.

I really hope I’m wrong, cause I wouldn’t like to experience the definite true death, but if that’s what’s going to happen…there’s not much that I can do about it.

I Just hope that hard core fans don’t forget me and that they keep me alive in fanfics or everytime they watch GoLion and Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Then I’ll still be alive to enjoy evilness and my kingdom will rise from the ashes once again…

Check out my new galleria!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 11, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

The first page is called “Evolution”; it includes photos since my first appearance as Prince of Doom to my new status as King of Doom. I will include more photos in time and more pages too. The Doomites world is worth to be shown too…

I was reminded of something about Voltron Force

Posted in Uncategorized on July 8, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

When Voltron Defender of the Universe was being played in the 80’s, I only watched the episodes where I had an important role. Those were my favorite ones. But whenever there was an episode where I hardly appeared or didn’t appear at all…I was not interested on watching it.

Well, tonight after watching “The Hunkyard” I felt the same way. I was not that interested. The episode was ok for those who like the Voltron Force. But I don’t like the Voltron Force. I want them to lose all the time. My heart rejoices when I’m fighting against them and winning. I use to be an awesome bad guy. Now I’m just a bad guy with no depth, no backstory…only the one that was previously showed in GoLion. But the new generation who hasn’t seen the old story don’t know where I come from and what happened between my father, Witch Haggar and me.

I think Wade would be a better bad guy than me anyway… I don’t like not being an interesting character, I like to kick ass in a smart, challenging way. I think Voltron Force is having it easy with such dull contenders. Anyone can beat a brute animal that just fights like an idiot. I didn’t use to be that way. I was a strategist, capable of commanding whole armies, I was trained to be the king of an empire. That’s no easy task. Where is my people? Where is the drule court and culture? Where is the interaction with my commanders, the comedy, the competition, the betrayal between ourselves? Where are the secret agendas to keep the throne and the fight between powers?
How much I miss my father’s nagging and bitching… I know that it was bothering but it gave my life depth and a motive to keep fighting.

In the old series, the Voltron Force were the dull ones…well, not anymore. They have the interesting story plots now. We’re just bad guys who happen to be there to get our asses kicked. If the purpose of the series were to make people hate us, I guess they’re achieving it.

Because now I only think about vengeance and revenge… *sigh* I have become hollow and empty… That’s not how I really am!! I’m still proud to be a doomite and I have feelings even if my father trained me not too. And that’s more than people can really see…

Call me King Kenny!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

King Kenny

I’m the king that dies and comes back to life! Courtesy of Keith Kogane, just too funny for words…

Am I still after Princess Allura…?

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

After watching “Joyride to Doom” I would say yes. But what are my purposes in obtaining a treasured prize after years of trying? Could it be the thrill of the win? Or could it still be that unfulfilled lust that has always drawn me to Princess Allura? I will let you know soon enough.

Things are not going well to me in these new series. I knew they wouldn’t. I don’t know why I kid myself, for crying out loud. But I’m still going to make a brief description of what’s not good for me.

First of all, now it seems that everyone can joyride to Doom. The three kids (Princess Larmina, Daniel and Vince) just took three of the lions, no security alarms…no nothing. O_o And they just came to visit me home! How I long for the days when my dear Planet Doom was shealth with that lightning cloud that protected us from Voltron’s intrusion. Those days are long gone now… *sigh*

Second, the haggarium has some very, very noticeable side effects. I grow like a blue Paul Bunyan, with horrible gigantic zits that break out around my body. I can count my lucky stars that at least I have super strenght and that the zits aren’t oozing purple puss.

I have had favorable critics about the fact that my body still exhibits my well formed six pack and that I get to run around on a kilt. I love those opinionated naughty girls, hehehe.

But Princess Allura was really creeped out. Well, she’s always creeped out whenever I’m around. And the purple zits ain’t gonna make it better…

I also happen to have to most inept army ever in animated cartoon land. I mean, how can a teenage girl with just a stick on her hand, defeat so many soldiers?? I’m starting to hate my life…all over again.

Then, when I’m having the fun of my life…seeing how easy it is to cut Voltron with a simple saw, not reminding myself of how difficult it is to actually destroy that damn robot, I encounter what has to be the most idiotic way of losing a battle.

It’s not easy to know that there’s this kid (Vince) with a super connection to Voltron that can repair that damned robot with the art of magic. I had it bad with the ghost of King Alfor meddling around but now I have it worst with the black kid and his robot bending powers. This is sooo not going well.

It was terrible to see that the Red Lion became the head of Voltron and it was worst to feel the bullet hitting my body and killing me…AGAIN!! First the blazing sword and now the blazing guns. You can all call me King Kenny. Dying and coming back…that’s my new motto.

But that can change if I don’t get back what’s left of the haggarium. The stupid Voltron Force even took that from me tooo (or should I say Maahox) that incompetent fool! It’s not good being me lately. Nobody respects bad guys anymore. We are the ones who are supposed to rule the galaxy and they make us weak and inept so they can gloat around saying that they can still win because they are good. *vomits*

Little do they know that it really doesn’t work that way…

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