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What I really think about “Voltron Force”, the new series…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I’ve been anticipating the start of the new “Voltron Force” since it was initially announced by WEP. Well, yesterday was the day I finally sat down, with all my junk food and beers having a hell of a celebration. The 90 minute commercial-free (which, by the way, was constantly interrupted by NickToons own propaganda) started and I was glued to my flat screen. At first, I didn’t feel like I was watching “Voltron Force” at all, that different it felt. The new characters had such a huge part, more than I initially expected. I should have expected all the science fiction and advancements involved in this movie. I was used to the medieval type era of the old Voltron series. No more pretty pink princess, evil prince, brave knights and evil witches inspirational atmosphere in Arus. Everything is now more Buck Rogers, Star Trek and Star Wars inspired. There’s a lot of almost incredible science gadgets.

I’m not saying it’s bad at all. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. So I got hit by all this nostalgia, and started repeating to myself: “this is not GoLion, this is not Voltron, Defender of the Universe and hell, this wasn’t even made for you. You’re not the target audience, get over it!!!”.

So, I kept watching even if I still felt nostalgic and I couldn’t even blink or else I would miss something important. I have to clear out that after you pass certain age, the mind works a little bit slower. I bet kids, can process all that fast information in a trillion seconds while I’m still trying to process the beginning of the dialogue that any character is trying to say. Well, I have to be realistic about this, kids grow and we get old…

The animation just blew me away. I just love that computer animation stuff. I may not be an expert on types of animation or any sort, but I know what I see, and computer animation is here to stay. It’s the closest thing to a live movie. That’s how excellent it is. I just don’t care what the experts or opinionated people say, computer animation looks sooo much better than classic cartoon drawings. And I firmly believe that Voltron deserved to be seen in such an awesome animation!

Oh but how much I missed Zarkon, Cossack, even Haggar (I’m not used to see her as a simple essence) I miss the old hag! But again, I have to detach myself from the old stuff… About King Lotor, even if his looks have changed, his voice was sooo awesome. Mark Hildreth was an excellent choice to lend his baritone register to the King of Doom. *Thumbs up to WEP and Mr. Hildreth* And of course, I would’ve wished more airing time for my favorite doomites and new friends. I still have to watch Maahox and Commander Kala to like them more. Marshall Wade will be easier to hate… corrupted good guys can do that to you.

But secretly, if I were the one with the power to make a Voltron series, I would’ve done a whole reboot. I would’ve started from scratch. Just imagine the origin of Voltron, all in computer animation, the introduction to the whole line of characters and a whole new plot, with more intrigue and all the situations that made us fall in love with Voltron in the first place. Right now, all those different seasons feel like a lot of patches covering other patches. And this new series is another patch. But it’s ok. It’s just a matter of getting used to it!

I’m not saying that the series is bad, I would be lying to everyone if I did. The new series is worth seeing and enjoying. The targeted audience will have a blast. That’s just what they want, it’s just what WEP wants…but I’m not sure it was what I wanted. But I will still see it and I’m sure that I will enjoy it!


My new Image

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline
Long Live the King

King Lotor Sincline

This is the new image that I will be exhibiting starting June 16 on the new series “Voltron Force” to be aired at 8:30 PM on NickToons. There have been mixed opinions about this new look. Many say that I look uglier, well… my opinion is that it is a far look from my anime counterpart. The features are rougher, the nose and the ears are bigger, and even the hair is different; so I do understand why lots of Lotor lovers are quite disappointed. Now there are scars on my face and chest.

We were used to the big yellow cat eyes, the little straight nose and the boyish face that was originally aired in the GoLion series. Now we have to get used to an uglier Lotor who is supposed to reflect what’s inside of him: an evil villain. But does life work that way?

I don’t think so. What does this say to children? That beautiful people are good and that bad people are ugly. Is that true?

Certainly not. A lot of bad people are very, very beautiful. And a lot of ugly people are very, very good. I guess humans live in a stigmatized world where beauty is a huge thing. If you’re beautiful you can be the most popular person.

Wrong! Ugly people can also do great things. But beauty is still on the eye of the beholder. The questions that I make myself are: Who is the beholder and what does the beholder think?

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