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No more humiliations for Lotor/Allura fans! No romance in Voltron! Yeessss

Posted in Uncategorized on April 10, 2011 by Prince Lotor Sincline

A fan asked in the Voltron Fan Forum:  “Will they be something between Keith and Allura?”
Jeremy (WEP representative) responded:

“Dig the sig pic. I think Todd wrote earlier about how the new show is for kids 6-11 so dont look for too much swooning and fanfic levels of romance (sorry K & A’ ers!) but I think you will see some really cool character choices and issues the Force will have to deal with that touch lightly on some familiar feelings…”

Another Voltron fan asked:  Will modifications made to them between the original and this series be explained? As in the improvements or new weaponry?

Jeremy responded: “Yeah the mods will be mentioned but we don’t dwell in it too much…”

Another fan question: “Will the individual Lions be explored? As in an episode dedicated to exploring Blue Lions abilities or another one about mastering a new power from Black Lion.”

Jeremy answered: “Ha well let’s just say yes and in really cool ways that you might not expect.”

A fan’s reaction to the lions: “Lol, yes, the Lions are what I’m looking forward to the most in this series. The new designs really struck me. Each Lion seems now more like an individual than just a robot component.”

Jeremy’s answer:  “Thanks! That was exactly the philosophy behind the new designs. To bring out the personality in each to elevate the theme of unity even more when they come together to form Voltron. Hope you like it!”


So at least I’m happy that there will be no Keith/Allura shipping in the new series. What I can see is a small amount of Lance/Allura/Keith thing going on. And it might get a little bit tighter but in a sophisticated way. We can’t forget the target demographic. But that’s all I could find out anyway. And I could never dig that mushy stuff anyway…  I just hope King Lotor is still portrayed in an interesting manner. Well, under the circumstances…my character seems to have lost a little bit of it’s depth. Which makes me seem like a brute stalking asshole! Ah…almost forgot!  Haggar WILL still be part of the series….basically, just as an essence. That is AWESOME news!  What is Doom without our dear beloved evil witch? Still miss her antics, though…

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