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Questions to a writer of the new Voltron series!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 4, 2010 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I gathered strenght and dared to ask some questions to one of the new Voltron series writers.  His name is Todd (I don’t know his last name).  These guys are not spilling the beans too easily, but I found very interesting answers that may influenciate all of our conceptions about the classic series we all learned to know and love…

Question from fan:  “Is there anything for us to look forward to with Keith and Allura? (even a hint of ‘anything’), or will we have to go on relying on our fanfics and photo manipulation art?”

Answer from Voltron Administrator: “Ha ha well I’ll just say that these characters have grown a bit in the time since the original series so there will be an adjusting period for them and the entire team. At some both of them are going to have to make a tough choice… watch and see!”

Does this mean that the shipping of Keith and Allura ends up in the new series?????

This sounds interesting….

So I asked Todd G (one of Voltron’s new writers)  the following questions:

1) Will we get to know more about the characters and their backgrounds, evil and good? (There were lots of unanswered questions on GoLion and Voltron)

2) I know that Voltron Force is targeted to the kids, but will we see more interaction with the characters like in Teen Titans, love interests and stuff like that?

3) I’m actually glad that there will be more enemies for Voltron (that really gets my attention) but will we see our favorites like Haggar, Cossack, Merla, Mogor and Zarkon?

4) Will Lotor be deformed or does he get to keep his great looks and harem?

Todd G’s response was:

1) I think I kinda answered this above in a bit more detail, but yes. As the series progresses little tidbits about some of our characters’ pasts will be revealed.

2) Let’s just say we tried to make the character relationships as sophisticated as possible while keeping our target demographic in mind.

3) As Jeremy has sorta teased in the past, we are happy to enlighten you on general things for the show, but as far as specific “who’s” and “what’s”… you’ll have to watch and find out!

4) See answer to #3.

My reaction is:  they are not spilling the beans.  They want us to watch the new series.  It does intrigue me, I mean, I know that Lotor will not stay with Allura.  But I wouldn’t mind watching a NO Keith/Allura shipping either…  That would be histerically funny!

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