Season 7 Blues

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I sat down on Friday to watch the whole 13 episodes of Season 7 of “Voltron: Legendary Defender”.  I was already spoiled about Shiro’s sexual orientation and about the Paladin’s return to Earth.  But that was all I had gathered from reading online here and there.

I’m just gonna share my impressions on what I saw and felt about it.  You don’t have to agree with me on this one.  In over all; I did enjoy this season even if I missed myself a lot. (And I mean…A LOT!!) But even so it was a good watch.

There were many hilarious moments specially on the episode “The Feud” where I made that family dysfunctional appearance with Zarkon and Haggar.  It was such a fun episode; there were so many times I blurted out laughing.  Man…the dancing, the moves…that was soooo cool!

But the main bad guy in this season was Sendak.  This guy was legendary in the original series “GoLion” and it’s good that he was kept even looking the same.  I liked his character; he was good guy to hate.  I would expect no less from him just to sacrifice his life for the good cause.  But I have missed Cossack more than anyone else.  I don’t think he will appear in this series but still…those of us who knew him…remember him fondly as the comic relief he was.

Now with the Paladins: you all know that my favorite is Shiro; I still like him as a hero, he has all the qualities that make him a great leader for the Paladins.  About his sexual orientation thing; I think that was only added to the series just to satisfy a very loud minority.  It didn’t add anything relevant to the story nor to the characters.  Adam was killed off with no pain or glory. Netflix has always been a softy for the gay community.  So it’s no wonder to me that they would embrace this new development.  And there also seemed to be another lesbian pair; this time with two of my generals???  Oh well….what can I say.

Shiro is still an awesome hero.  But honestly speaking making him gay felt like an add-on.  To me, it felt forced.  They could’ve made him asexual and nothing would’ve happened either.  There’s nothing wrong with making a character that has no romantic feelings whatsoever.  There’s a lot of single people out there that choose to stay single.  That doesn’t mean that they are gay; it just means that they either like the single life or they never found their “significant one”.  This is my opinion; it doesn’t mean I’m homophobic or that I have anything against gay people.  Just saying.

On the other hand, what I already predicted about Allura and Lance being a pair seemed to be coming true in this Season.  It actually makes sense and gives Lance a little bit of justice.  He’s a funny guy (girls like a guy who can make them laugh) and hey, it’s about time they paired Allura with somebody else.  I was tired of the Keith/Allura pairing as if it was a match written in stone.  Well….this change is something good.  Change happens; deal with it.

I wonder if they will pair up Romelle with Hunk. In the original series, she was paired up with Shiro but thanks to the loud minority, that will not be a possibility.  They may possibly pair up Shiro with Keith???  Who knows!!!  At this point…I honestly don’t know what to expect.

By the end of “Lion’s Pride, Part 1”, it felt to me as if this could be the end of the whole series so when “Lion’s Pride, Part 2” ended with a cliffhanger I was actually surprised.  I can’t even imagine how will they end the series but I do know that Haggar is still alive so I guess she will be the main honcho in the series finale.  All I know is that I will be watching cause it’s been a good ride.

I’m very happy with this reboot and I will be tuning in for the series finale with a bottle of blood wine and probably a new inspiration to continue writing my fanfictions.   This is what I got for ya’ll. So hope you keep being evil, my friends!

Vrepit Sa!

FB Hiatus

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Facebook jail

Just letting you all know that I temporarily deactivated my FB account because it was being targeted again.  Before FB decides to delete it permanently; I deactivated it temporarily.   It’s a very old account and it had never been targeted, but hey, it seems that FB is eliminating all the accounts with my notorious name on it.

What I did notice is that there are a lot of Lotor accounts in Twitter.  They don’t have the restrictions that FB has so that’s why there are lots of Twitter accounts.  But the one that I administer is on my Blog links.  So if you want to keep up with me, just look for me here and use the links that I have posted on my blog.

Stay evil my friends!!


Shipping Wars – Is It Worth It?

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Lotor meditating

Here meditating in the middle of my mental breakdown; I was recalling a conversation that I had with a very wise 15 year old who was worried about how the kids of her generation were engaging in fruitless shipping wars within the fandom.

Definition of a shipping war for those who don’t know what it is:  shipping wars is when people have a preference for a certain pairing in a series, cartoon, or any story that has been written or published and act nasty about it to other people.  It can include harassment; trolling; cussing and even threatening other people because they “ship” another pairing.  Example: Lotor/Allura; Keith/Lance; Keith/Allura in Voltron;  LionO/Cheetara; Tygra/Cheetara in Thundercats…etc.

I’m very familiar with those issues being myself sucked into those matters for a while.  I remember 8 years ago there was a similar battle in where I usually feasted myself in reading and writing stories.  Authors from different shippings in the Voltron fandom were trolling each others stories; bashing characters; giving bad reviews; handling unsolicited critics to say the least.  Well, lots of feelings were hurt; lots of words were written down; probable depressions; writer’s block and no progress in creativity….and for what?

At the end of the day; bills had to be paid, responsibilities had to be fulfilled, chores had to be done and life moved on.  What are we doing in our lives that matter most?

That 15 year old told me yesterday that she recently read about a young artist who was invited to appear in a Convention to show her art.  Then this “fan” who was upset because the artist had drawn a character with a shipping he had disliked gave the young artist a cookie with nails inside it.  Needless to say, the young artist tasted the cookie and blood was coming out of her mouth.  I don’t know if charges were filed but I really hope there were.  There are other cases where authors, producers and voice actors are being life threatened just because some fans don’t agree with the shippings in their stories.

And I ask myself….is it worth it?  What is so wrong with people’s lives that they have to give in to such ridiculous rantings, life threats and bad decision making?

If you are young right now; and life treats you bad, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a cartoon, a book, an anime, a manga, a movie or a video game.  But just remember: everything has a limit.  If there is something that you don’t like about a peculiar story that you enjoy; there are always ways to cope with it.  I’m not a psychiatrist; but here are my two cents:

  • Write a fanfiction.  Write the shipping that you prefer. You can open you own blog; as long as you don’t benefit financially for using copyrighted material; you should be fine.  There you can edit, change, approve & disapprove comments.  Keep everything in your turf and in your conditions.
  • Don’t visit fandom forums.  If you are a person prone to engage in trolling others or if you are ultra sensitive: avoid fandom forums at all costs!!! Don’t visit other blogs or fan pages to troll; you’ll just end up feeling miserable; bitter; vengeful and you will be in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  Just turn your back and keep on walking.
  • Go to the park, to the lake, to the beach, get out of your house and observe nature and meditate about your life. Plant a tree; have a garden; mow your lawn, go to the gym; do exercise; get your butt up and move your body; get dancing lessons, go to the movies with your friends or alone.  Do something; just don’t stay home!!
  •  Share with someone who cares: your family and friends.  If that’s not an option: get a pet.  If you’re allergic to furry friends, adopt a fish, a bird, a lizard, a spider…anything!  Give your affection and energy to someone or some animal who will be grateful to you. You will never regret it.  Love and affection is always more satisfying before you go to bed.
  • Study hard; be a professional; be disciplined.  How about engaging and increasing your life for a change?  The sky’s the limit.  Do you think you are not smart enough?  Who told you that?  Whoever did, lied to you.  You can be whatever and whoever you want.  If you fail once; try again and again.  Don’t give up! Watch videos of people who have achieved impossible odds.  Get inspired by people who are everyday heroes.  Veterans, police, people with disabilities, nurses, doctors, janitors, teachers and yes….students too.  Anybody can do amazing things in life.  Why can’t you?
  • Go to your preferred worship place.  Be it a church, mosque, kingdom salon or under a bridge….any spiritual healing is good for you.  Get involved in community service, help with boy scouts, girl scouts…there is always a way to get involved in helping somebody.  Become a real hero in this life.
  • Accept that we are all different.  Imagine a life where there is only one smell, one color or where everybody looks the same.  It would be super boring.  Everybody looks different, thinks different; react different.  Life is about accepting our variety and differences. You can’t control what people think but you can control yourself. Deal with it!
  • If anything else fails….yeah, get therapy!!!  Professional help is always an option.  Make a therapy group for “Shipping Wars Anonymous”.  If you can’t stop engaging in shipping wars: admit it.  You need serious help.

Remember, your future depends on the decisions that you make right now in your life.  You may not think that this may be fun; but we waste too much time in things that are not worth it for the long run.  The things that matter are simple: a sunny day; a rainy day; a song; a hug; breathing in and out, waking up every morning and going to a cozy bed in the night.  Our life is not guaranteed; the future is a plan but all we really have is today…now.  Don’t waste it in a war that you will NEVER ever win.

Lotura crazyness!!!

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Lotura 1

OMG!!! It’s happening!!!

L A 2

Wait for it!!

L A 3

It’s getting closer

L A 5


Lotor Allura kiss

Scoooooreee!!! Make out time hahahaha!!!

Oh wow!!! This is the moment all Lotor/Allura shippers have been waiting for!!!  Even if it was a brief fling.  It was worth the 30 + years wait.  Bwahahaha!!!

Congratulations to the producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery and all the writers of “Voltron Legendary Defender”.  They’ve outdone GoLion and created the best version of Voltron ever!!  I couldn’t keep myself from watching this season.  I sat down and lived and relived each episode.  All the characters were treated with the utmost respect even with the time limitation and the quantity of characters: it was a heck of a ride!!

Favorite chapters:  “Omega Shield” when Hunk gets to learn about the Galra culture and helps the Voltron Palladins get respect from the galrans.

“Monsters and Mana” – as a gamer myself; I think this episode is so much fun.  It reminded me a lot of the anime “Sword Art Online” where the characters are sucked up in a life of a video game.

“The Colony” – of course this is the episode that will forever be known as the “Lotura make out session”; bwahahaha!!!  Why does Romelle have to ruin everything??  By the gods!! She’s that pebble on my shoe no matter on what year, series or version is created.  I hate that whiny bitch!!

Good thing I won’t be accused of being a sadist rapist like in GoLion.  But, I still have some issues with Mommy dearest though.  And I got a kick-and-bad ass robot!  Loved it!

Shiro – white hair is the “in” look!!!  Ask Allura!  Bwahahaha!!

Predictions:  I think this is heading to be a Lance/Allura shipping. (Buh!) Allura now knows Lance’s feelings towards her (thanks to the mice) and she will probably seek relief with him.  I know that a Lotor/Allura shipping will be almost impossible because, well, yeah….society wants good girls to end up with good guys.  Even though reality is that they will always fall for the bad guys anyway….bwahahaha!!  Good guys suck & bad guys rock! Whoooooo!!

In the fandom:  more Lotor Allura shippers will keep on appearing and the L/A fandom will grow substantially.  Yeah!!  Girls still love a bad boy with white hair, attitude and stunning looks.  Bwahahaha!  Just watch the video below this paragraph and read the comments:

There are still so many questions to be answered.  Can’t wait until Season 7!!

Keep evil my friends.  Vrepit SA!!!

Thanks For The Love Season 5!

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New Prince Lotor

By the gods! Season 5 of Voltron: Legendary Defender is the best one so far!

I am so shocked it was gonna go that way.  It was like reading the beginning of a L/A fan fiction.   If you don’t want spoilers; don’t read any further.

I’m not gonna critic episode by episode; because it was only 6 episodes.  All I want to do is react to the most important turning points that happened in this recent season.

OK, let’s start with the Paladins.  Shiro is still bumming me out; something is definitely going on with him.  The bad tongues in the internet are theorizing that somehow Shiro is Lotor in disguise.  I don’t think that’s true, but at this point; I can expect anything.  Too many surprises are going on: and I’m loving each one of them, LOL!

I’m happy that Pidge and Sam finally found their father and that Keith found his mother.  When I was watching the series, at one point I wondered if they ever were going to show anything about Keith.  He was almost non-existent in these chapters. And also there was very little Hunk scenes too.  Nothing is going on with him; he’s just a comic relief like Coran, I guess.

I’m gonna show you this:

prince_lotor_by_damare-db5iz8cFan art by Damare

Did you see those marks on my face?  Those are from my Althean heritage.  Aren’t they cool??!!  First, they allowed me to kill my father (WITH THE HELP OF VOLTRON!!!) And then, they allowed me to claim my father’s throne (WITH VOLTRON’S BLESSING) Bwahahaha!!

Oooh, and the best part yet:  I had a little rendezvous mission with Allura in the White Lion challenge.  Am I bad or am I good???  That is the question!  I’m still experimenting the afterglow of this season.  It was AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

I went surfing the net to read some reactions of people online.  Most of the ones on Voltron’s FB page were that the fans were having mixed emotions about what happened and that they missed Keith.  At the Voltron forum, I only saw one reaction but it is very quiet over there.  I guess the K/A fans are still bawling their eyes out, bwahahahaha!  First they loose their pretty pink princess to a white haired blue eyed alien that can transform into a giant and now I am appreciating my Althean heritage.  (Anybody else need tissues?) Bwahahaha!!

Quote for today:  “That witch is NOT my mother”.

I personally want to congratulate the writers, producers and everybody involved in “Voltron: Legendary Defender”  for keeping me at the edge of my seat.  The fight between me and my father was epic.  The White Lion mission with Allura was shocking; the closeness….  Maybe the fans are right and Shiro is disguised as MUAH and Shiro is a clone.

I don’t know; but I can’t wait for Season 6 to know what’s going on!  It was such a trip.  I simply loved it!

Keep evil my friends!


The New Defender

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On Friday night I sat down to watch Season 4 of the new series of Voltron: Legendary Defender.  I honestly have to say that I enjoyed it all.  Spoilers ahead!

What did I like from the Paladins?  Well, I loved that Black Lion accepted Shiro again to pilot him meaning that Keith is doing his Blade of Marmora thing with his new friends; whatever it may be.  I liked that Pidge found her brother Matt and his reaction when he saw Princess Allura was priceless.  I even liked that Voltron was winning when it fought….(so weird of me, I know) but I think Shiro is an excellent leader.  I really like that character; he’s awesome: wise, calm & confident.  I’m still trying to get use to Coran being a comic relief.  That worm sucking his brain while he got the Power Ranger posing ideas got me laughing out loud like crazy. Bwaaaahahaha!!   A little bit more of Lance and Hunk would’ve been better; but I understand that in only six episodes, they could do so much.

What did I like about Galra? Wow!  Confirmed that my mother is Honerva making me half Altean.  I love being part of such a disfunctional family!!  Zarkon is back with a vengeance.  Me being declared enemy of the state and having to kill in cold blood one of my officers when she was compromised by Haggar, oh yes!  My officers plotting against me and when they try to bring me back to my father I disjointed my shoulder to make that magnificent escape.  Gotta do what you gotta do hehehe!

Even if some of my plans failed, I always manage to surprise myself by saving the day in the lastest cliffhanger.  Yes, I became a new defender. (Always with my own agenda, of course). The paladins have to admit that I am a like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get…bwaaahahaha!!

So… wondering what that new “discussion” will be about?  How about the reactions between each others?  Will I get interested in Allura or not?  I’m still not sure that’s where we’re headed but there are so many possibilities…. Can’t wait until Season 5!

Until then, keep evil my friends!


Whooooaaa!!! What a Season 3!!

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Last Lotor

Where should I start?  The plot of “Voltron – Legendary Defender” has me in shock.  The easiest way to make my criticism would be doing it by characters.  I will start with the Voltron Paladins.

If you don’t want spoilers; please read no further!

Let’s start by Shiro; he disappeared in Season 2 but fortunately came back during the Season 3.  Of course, by now he’s not the Black Lion Paladin anymore but still a very valuable leader for the team.   Keith, now the Black Lion Paladin, is still wreckless but at least he is humble enough to acknowledge his mistakes when Shiro talks to him.

Allura joins the team when Blue Lion refuses to accept Lance as it’s pilot anymore.  It was predictable but it was done tastefully.  And Lance becomes the pilot of the Red Lion.  That’s the most interesting thing that I found from the Voltron Force.   The characters are still enjoyable, specially Lance and Hunk.  Pidge is still looking for her brother Matt and I guess that there will be further stories coming from there.  I’m really, really happy that they brought back Shiro, I still feel that his contribution to the paladins is much too important for the development of the team.  His whole story has to be told.

What can I say about “mu’a” Prince Lotor and company?  Yeah, now he has also a team and a different agenda than King Zarkon.  I really liked the way they made his appearance, by fighting in the arena.  Prince Lotor’s generals have very weird names: Acxa, Ezor, Narti and Zethrid.   They were very strange but they could really kick some serious ass and does my eyes see well?  Were they all girls?? O.O  I think I did see a guy somewhere….

I really enjoyed the alternate universe episode where we get to see Sven: Shiro’s alternate self; accent and all!  Loved it!

Oh!!! And I cannot forget to mention the last part where we are transported to the past of Voltron.   We saw how he was formed, why he was created by Alfor & who were the first paladins.  We got to see why Zarkon ended up being a bad guy and it was all because of Honerva (his wife!!) “Haggar”  LOL!!  Does that mean that Haggar is my mother???!!!  If my math doesn’t fail me…..that would make me half-Altean! Ooooh nice development, should I say bwahahaha!

Oh wow! In the original Japanese series Honerva was Zarkon’s mother but I do like what they did here with the story.  I’m really enjoying that all characters are having a backstory.  It’s no more black and white; good and bad characters.  There are lots of grays and it’s looking really good.  By this point, the shipping’s are not important anymore.  It’s all about a very interesting and enjoyable adventure.

I honestly can’t wait to see Season 4 on October 13!!





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My last two FB pages have been deleted.  The first one which I had since 2009 and had more than 3000 friends was gone one day.  It was probably reported by the many enemies that I have but before that page was deleted; I had made a spare account with very few friends.  It hardly reached 100 friends.  Even so I had that page and didn’t roleplay with anyone; it was still reported and also deleted.

I decided to leave FB and just stay here but I was contacted by an old roleplayer here on my blog.  She emailed me offering me her old account; at first I refused but then I changed my mind and ultimately accepted.  Many roleplayers have quit FB for many reasons.  There are a lot of inactive RP accounts that are dated from as far as 10 years ago.  Well, she decided to donate me her old account because she wasn’t interested in it anymore.  The account was opened in 2007 and had been inactive for more than 4 years.  I was amazed!

There was a lot of history there.  She said she deleted all she could but FB accounts leave footprints and I honestly don’t know where that account has been, LOL!  Anyway, I made changes on it but I’ll try to keep a low profile of people.  No groups or stuff like that.  That account is sure a relic.  But I can keep active posting and reposting my announcements of this blog.

Well, until next post.  Keep evil my friends!

Dang It! I Look Good

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Just saw the trailer of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender.  Watch link above this paragraph.   I look so good!!  Love the little hair on ma face…. Bwahahaha! No purple zits, no haggarium….Wow! And bad ass sword fighting; just the way I like it.  Can’t wait for next week and start indulging myself in Netflix for the next Season.

Yeah, wait for it!  Cause I am.  Keep evil my friends!

Happy 7th Anniversary Blog!

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Well, just received a notification that seven years ago I opened the gates of this castle of evilness.  Some times I’ve been quiet; sometimes I’m not.  But I’m here and my evilness knows no boundaries.  Here there is no banning; no deleting and I’m the moderator and master of this Castle.  If you like it, good; if you don’t, then: fuck you!  Hahahaha!!!

I’m the fucking Prince Lotor Sincline of Doom and I do as I please; I write whatever the fuck I want and there will be no banning here unless I say so.  So stay fucking evil my friends!!

Long live Doom!!

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